Bollywood Dance Workshop with Tameside MBC


Bollywood Dance Workshops with Tameside MBC

Bollywood Dance Workshops with Tameside MBC: Ri Ri’s Dance Academy worked alongside Tameside MBC, once again, providing Bollywood Dance Workshops at The Grafton Centre, in Hyde, Tameside.

These Bollywood Dance Workshops with Tameside MBC gave the ladies of Hyde a taste of Bollywood Dance in two Tester Sessions.

Running these enjoyable one hour Indian Dance Workshops were Guinness World Record Breaking Choreographer and Director, Ria Meera Munshi. Bollywood Dance being taught by the leading Bollywood Dance teacher in the whole of the North West!


A slice of Bollywood in Tameside …

In each Workshop the students learnt a one minute Bollywood Dance routine to an upbeat, smash hit song from a Bollywood song! As well as learning a routine to The Break Up Song, the lovely ladies, additionally, learnt a routine to the first part of Dhating Naach. The Bollywood beat, with a hint of Bhangra, was infectious for all and smiles were captured around the Hall, as our students ‘hip-dropped’ and ‘light bulbed’, in style, around the space! The Bollywood Dance Workshop with Tameside MBC were a huge success! 


“The workshops were the best fun I had had in ages! Your style of teaching is easygoing and unpressured and yet we learnt two routines in two sessions. Highly recommended.” – Diane Deakins


Ri Ri’s Bollywood Dance Students, in Tameside


Ri Ri’s Bollywood Dance Workshops

Our International Company run Bollywood and Bhangra Dance Workshops at numerous Events, locally, nationally and internationally. Our international Workshops consist of a sunny Indian Dance Workshop in Lanzarote! These include: Television (“The Real Housewives of Cheshire”), Corporate Events (Lloyds Banking), Arts in Education, Private Dance Lessons, Wedding/Mehndi Parties, outdoor Festivals and Community Groups



“Really enjoyed the Bollywood Dance Workshop with Tameside MBC and Ri Ri’s. Wish there had been more your energy was phenomenal we had so much fun keeping up with you or at least trying you are an amazing teacher well done Ria xx” – Ann Plummer


Additional Information 

  • No prior Dance experience is required
  • Choreography for all levels
  • Our team at our award winning Academy are not only limited to teaching Bollywood Dancing. If you have any alternative dance styles you would like to learn please do enquire.
  • The Teachers & Choreographers, at the Academy, travel outside of Manchester


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