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Bollywood Choreography by Ria Meera Munshi

Bollywood Choreography for ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’

  Bollywood Choreography on ITVBe's hit TV Show Season 4, Episode 10, of reality series The Real Housewives of Cheshire, titled ‘Bollywood or Bust’, saw Manchester based Ria Meera Munshi making a guest appearance on the television programme and teaching four of the housewives a little bit of Bollywood choreography! This was in aid of Seema Malho

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Bollywood Dancers Bradford

Bollywood Dancers Bradford for BBC3’s Carmen

  BBC3 - Bollywood Carmen Bollywood Dancers Bradford participate in an unforgettable evening of dance, music, singing, passion, fashion, acting, gripping drama, colour and exciting celebrity stars held the attention of thousands, in Bradford City Park, where Bollywood Carmen was broadcast live on BBC3, in 2013. This outdoor musical extravaganza fea

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