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Choreographer, Ria Meera Munshi performing in Manchester

Choreographer, Ria Meera Munshi

  Choreographer, Ria Meera Munshi steps into the shoes of Assistant Director ... Ria is a young female who has already made a mark and raised the bar in the entertainment industry. Read below to find out more about Choreographer, Ria Meera Munshi who is additionally a Dancer, Model, Actress, Presenter and Business woman.   Guinness World Re

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Writer, Louise Wallwein

Writer, Louise Wallwein Writer, Louise Wallwein is an award winning Poet/Playwright/Film maker from Manchester UK. She is very proud to return to Manchester following her residency at the Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture in the coldest winter since records began in 2014. [caption id="attachment_840" align="alignnone" width="300"] Louise Wal

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Composer, Kevin Carroll will be composing the soundtracks for Thunderstruck

Composer, Kevin Carroll

  Composer, Kevin Carroll Composer, Kevin Carroll worked initially as a musician then Kevin gravitated towards engineering and production in the Manchester music scene. Much was learned assisting Chris Nagle at the legendary Strawberry studios.   Diverse work ... Moving on to build his own facility he worked with artists as diverse as: Paul

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