Thunderstruck Theatre Production – UK Tour

Our first Theatre Production 

In our Theatre Tour supported by the Arts Council, we’ll be retelling the two epic stories of Navratri and Ramayan. This will be strengthened by the use of new technology presented in a fresh and innovative structure. Initially, our tour will focus primarily on unconventional and community venues, such as the Gujarat Hindu Society, in Preston, Lancashire. Read below to find out more about our Thunderstruck Theatre Production which will be touring in 2018 …


Thunderstruck Theatre Production

The show, called ‘Thunderstruck’, will have a feel of an event lasting two hours including an interval. The artistic pallet we have settled on consists of a number of forms. These include: Poetic Text, Dance, Acting, Visual arts, Live Music plus Dynamic Sound and Lighting design.

Thunderstruck will be staged in the round, which will provide a more exciting and higher quality audience experience. This will allow us to create a captivating & immersive piece of theatre, by surrounding the audience with the action.

In order to enhance this further, the focal point of digital animation will be projected onto a transparent materiel. This will be in the shape of a cube, in the centre of the space.

Thunderstruck Theatre Production supported by Arts Council England

Retelling the stories of Navratri & Ramayan in Thunderstruck

Video Mapping

New technology will be achieved by integrating projected elements on to a four sided gauze structure, which live performers can move within and around. This works perfectly for the Show allowing for an integration of shadow and silhouette into the work. Additionally, it allows for dual imagery across gauzes from multiple projection points. We will integrate the projected elements of narrative directly with the performers and soundtrack. Resulting in a truly interweaved and dramatic event.

We will combine all this with a visual language drawn from the incredible sari materials, bright and vivid, transformed into animated motifs and patterns that weave and play across the surfaces. Gently morphing and transforming as the story unfolds.

For the dance choreography a number of elements will be involved. Levels, movement and transitions, inspired by all five Indian dance forms, with the additional use of scarves will reflect the different scenes, sounds and music. As well as being eye catching for the audience too, of course! All these elements will ensure a mesmerising experience for those watching.


Local engagement & Training in each City

We will engage approximately five dancers / performers at various stages of their careers, to compliment our core actors and professional dancers. There will, also, be opportunity for any members of these communities interested in theatre and the arts to experience technical rehearsals. They can help with our get in and out of the venues, too.

Thunderstruck Theatre Production will be showcased in Manchester, Bury, Bradford, Preston, Leicester and Nottingham.


Priority Tickets

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